A Serial Reading of Little Dorrit

A Newberry Library Adult Education Seminar

Charles Dickens’s challenging novel Little Dorrit explores poverty and privilege, fact and fiction, history and memory, the human capacity for fiction, and the experience of confinement. In this seminar, we will read and discuss the novel in manageable weekly installments (with no spoilers), following its characters and themes through the streets of London and the cities of Europe. Sessions will be supplemented with slides and audio clips.

Eight sessions.

Introducing Trollope: The Warden

A Newberry Adult Education Seminar

Anthony Trollope’s 1855 novel The Warden revolves around an English cleric whose comfortable living is called into question not only by progressive voices in society but by his own conscience. While inaugurating the expansive Barsetshire series, The Warden on its own is a relatively short, intense examination of emotion, moral choice, and the social consequences of individual action. This seminar introduces Trollope’s main concerns as well as his surprisingly timely psychological prose.

Three sessions.