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“Placing Tibetan Fiction in a World of Literary Studies: Jamyang Norbu’s The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes.Modern Tibetan Literature and Social Change. Eds. Lauran R. Hartley and Patricia Schiaffini-Vendani. Duke UP, 2008. 301-326.

“Signifying on China: African-American Literary Theory and Tibetan Discourse.” Sinographies: Writing China. Eds. Eric Hayot, Steve Yao, and Haun Saussy. Minneapolis: U Minnesota P, 2007. 271-99.

“Inquiring After Theory in China.” boundary 2 33.2 (2006): 91-113.

Editor and introduction: Contemporary Tibetan Literary Studies: Proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, 2003. Vol. 6. Ed. Steven J. Venturino. Leiden: Brill, 2007. 1-6.

“Where is Tibet in World Literature?” World Literature Today 78.1 (2004): 51-56.

“Globalization, Cultural Critique, and China.” Social Semiotics 10.2 (2000): 211-20.

“Reading Negotiations in the Tibetan Diaspora.” Constructing Tibetan Culture: Contemporary Perspectives. Ed. Frank J. Korom. Quebec: World Heritage Press. 1997. 98-121.

“Critical Baggage : Traveling Theory in China, Tibet, and the Transnational Academy.” Doctoral Dissertation, Loyola University Chicago, 2000.

“Translating Tibet’s Cultural Dispersion: Solzhenitsyn, Paine, and Orwell in Dharamsala.” Diaspora 4.2 (1995): 153-80.

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