Our Mutual Friend: Part Two

Serial Reading Guide for Our Mutual Friend: Part Two (chs. 1.5-1.11)

Chapter numbers  are preceded by the novel’s “book” number. For example, “1.4” indicates Book 1, Chapter 4. Page numbers refer to the Penguin Classics edition (1997).

1. Think about how to distinguish Boffin’s character from Wilfer’s. For that matter, what’s the difference between the Veneerings and the Podsnaps? And do you trust Rokesmith?

2. Notice how different forms of reading, education, and knowledge are brought up and compared.

3. The end of chapter 1.7 marks the end of the second original installment—it’s also a good place to pause your reading. Then notice how the third installment (chapter 1.8) brings you back into the story.

4. “Cinematic” passages often appear throughout this novel. Note several of the descriptions of Mr. Venus’s place, for example, as well as the final paragraph of chapter 1.7. Other examples include George Sampson’s “stopper” (117), the wonderful transition from the Lammles’ wedding to the couple walking on the beach (125), and Sophronia’s conversation with Georgiana (ch. 1.11).

5. One of the novel’s central questions—What are people supposed to do with a fortune?

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