Ma Yuan’s Fiction

Ma Yuan’s Fiction Available in English Translation

Steven J. Venturino
April 6, 2012:

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  1. See Kirk Denton’s bibliography at
  2. The most complete collection of Ma Yuan’s work is Ballad of the Himalayas: Stories of Tibet. Translated by Herbert J. Batt. MerwinAsia, 2012.
  3. Ma Yuan’s Stories have also been published in the journal, Manoa (vol. 15.2, 2003, and vol. 7.2, 1995), both available through JSTOR.
  4. Ma Yuan’s heartbreaking story, “Mistakes” (set in Liaoning rather than Tibet), translated by Helen Wang is included in The Lost Boat: Avant-Garde Fiction from China, edited by Henry Y. H. Zhao, (London: Wellsweep, 1993. 29-42).
  5. The delightful and very brief, “Little Zhaxi and His Load of Wonderful Thoughts,” translated by R. Tyler Cotton, is available at his website,


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